Macarons are quite simple in terms of ingredients. Made from Ground almonds, Icing sugar, castor sugar and egg whites. These make up the basic recipe for the shells.

In terms of the fillings and flavours the choices are endless! From fruit to buttercreams to ganaches, a full selsction of my flavours are available on the flavour menu page.


My cookie boxes are available in 3 different, delicious flavours. All are my created recipies and are light, buttery, soft in texture and full of flavour.


I have created a stunning, heavily spiced cookie that is rich, dark and soft. These are not just for Christmas but are delicious all year round and make a great gift.

Sugar Cookie

I add vanilla paste and a hint of almond extract to give this little cookie its flavour, and it doesn't disappoint! It is soft and buttery and is closer to a shortbread with the beauty of keeping its shape.


I have created this cookie to have an almost fudgy soft texture. It is sweet enough for kids to love but not sickly sweet. It has a brownie like flavour and is perfect as a gift .

I only use the finest quality ingredients, and never use synthetic or heavily processed products like seed oils, soya, milk replacements or 'butter' imitations. Yes these are a sweet treat, but they are made in a traditional way with traditional principles.